5 feet in front of you

Recently, I met a guitar playing gentleman who is quite the looker. He’s a master of his craft, exceedingly sweet and an all around good human being.  He also happens to own a charming little villa in Italy.  We met for a drink at the neighborhood bar on a Saturday and shared a sweet afternoon together. Then we parted ways and he headed back down south where he’s from.

It took me approximately five seconds to start planning our new life together. We went from a casual first drink to married and vacationing in the Italian villa at break-neck speed. I let myself lounge around in my cozy bed day dreaming of our new life together. Making music. Taking magical vacations.  But thankfully, I snapped out of my head-in-the-clouds thinking.

You see, I remembered that old saying “how you do anything is how you do everything” and it catapulted me back to reality.  Because, this playing things out to the end and skipping the middle is a source of a lot of strife for me. It makes life way harder than it has to be.

Let me explain. I love to ski. Although, I’m relatively new to the sport, I embraced it with the eagerness of a child riding her first bike. But, anyone who has ever been skiing with me will tell you my pure joy ends at the top of the ski lift.  You see, suiting up ain’t my problem.  I’m more than happy, eager you might say, to put on the puffy ski gear, strap on the rented skis and ride the lift to the comfortable middle of the mountain.

But, once I’m off the lift and it’s time to glide down the slope, I freeze up. I starting thinking about the drop that’s way down the mountain. It starts to look pretty scary.  And I start telling myself I’m new at this. I can’t do a drop that big. And then I make the whole experience a worry-filled, overly cautious, slow grind to the bottom of the mountain. I become so obsessed about getting to the end, I forget I only have to focus on the 5 feet in front of me.

Look, it’s OK to allow yourself the pleasure of a day dreamy afternoon. But make sure you check in with reality. Don’t fall in love with a fantasy and don’t fret over how you’ll get to the end. The joy of life really is in the present moment. Whatever you’re doing, take it in small, digestible chunks. Don’t worry about the dip in the mountain that’s almost out of eye shot. Just focus on 5 feet at a time.

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